Why PUPSTUDIO Daycare/Boarding?

"We make your home pet friendly, balance their diet, and create playtime routines."
It helps socialize your dog, relieves boredom and separation anxiety Plus they’ll get plenty of exercise.

Close Circuit Cameras

Here at Pupstudio, we’re all about transparency. Owners are able to watch our live feed at home, work, or anywhere! Our live feed shows you how your dog is doing and how they behave with other dogs. Relive your worries, get instant updates, and get a new perspective of your dog with Pupstudio daycare!

Timely Feeding Services - We can make sure your pup doesn’t go hungry!

We’ll feed snacks and meals at mentioned times that you provide. We don’t administer or provide treats or food that isn’t provided by the owners.

Non-Slip & Joint protective floor mat

Here at Pupstudio, we strive for the health, safety and good times for our pups. Patella injuries and joint injuries are very common after daycare visits. Pupstudio Daycare is fully equipped with joint-patella safe mat and padding to greatly reduce the number of joint injuries while your pups play. 

Relaxing dog calming diffuser

Pups tend to get anxious in new environments. We want to make sure every pup has a relaxing and a fun time. Our dog friendly relaxing diffuser helps anxious dogs get used to the environment, gets them comfortable, and helps them fight anxiety!

What your dog expects from our daycare?


Our furry friends get the opportunity to make new friends and develop their social skills.

Our system aims to fulfill your pups daycare experience.

Walks with PUPSTUDIO Crew

Your pup gets to walk with our crews by request, with the options of the time which is in the morning & afternoon, weather permitting.  Additional longer walks are available upon request.

Training, Rewards & Treats by request

We play, learn and get rewards! Pupstudio crews will teach There are some basic dog training dogtricks that every dogs hould know like come, speak, drop it, stay, back up, etc.

New York Street Window View

We have a great window view to provide your dog to see New York City’s street life.

Pricing & Pass

Our furry guests love to make new friends! Make them happy today at PUPSTUDIO