Organic, Plant-Based Superfoods

Organic Ingredients to supply carbohydrate, fibers, vitamins, minerals and to add nutraceutical effects of anti-oxidative, anti-aging, anti-cancer, decreasing blood sugar and cholesterol and smooth urination.

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Fussy eaters love

The smell and taste of fresh food is utterly irresistible, so there’ll be no leftovers.

Good food, good looks

Balanced diets, like the ones formulated by Natural Core, prevent excessive weight gain and ensure every bite of your pup’s food is packed with good nutrition

Easy on the tummy

Fresh dog food diet rich in immune-boosting antioxidants and high-quality protein helps ward off a number of ailments.

“Live, love, and bark!”

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What Customers Are Saying

Jimmy Ramirez

Pupstudio is an amazing place!

"Everyone is super kind and professional. My dog loves going there and I just know from experience that he is in good hands. The grooming service is superb and has great attention to detail."

Alix Lerner

The absolute best grooming place around!

"The absolute best grooming place around! My toy poodle Iris looks perfect and she smells so good. They gave her the most beautiful cut. I could tell that they took great care of her. Everyone who works there is so friendly and they really care about making the dogs happy. "

Somberman David

Pretty good service overall.

"Pretty good service overall. Their groomers really pay attention to detail. My dog smells amazing after grooming. They gave me some free samples and this grooming diary on my last visit. It's very personable and I look forward to coming back with it. Thanks pupstudio!"

Susan Qijing Huang

We absolutely loved our experience at Pupstudio

"We absolutely loved our experience at Pupstudio. They carry the most adorable clothes that will make you want to whimper and cry. I bought two pieces for my puppy’s 1st birthday and I can’t wait to take a million photos!!"

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